The Dilemma of Hijab Fashion

I’d love to have a moment and talk about this widespread trend of ‘Hijab style’ and ‘Hijabi Fashionistas’. Before anybody becomes defensive and feels they are being assaulted, this isn’t about what people do in their private life, instead more about what they do in the “public” life and how that is impacting young Muslims.

Lately I have been seeing modest cat walks, where Muslim girls walking the aisle, as a way to highlighting “hijab fashion” and the idea behind which is to appeal the Muslim female demographic.

I totally understand Muslim girls fall into several many categories in regards to executing the Hijab in its entirety, and from that I don’t mean only the headscarf. I know all of the thought processes before ultimately making the decision to execute the hijab outwardly and inwardly. In addition, I can completely imagine their craving to look nice and respectful.

What I don’t accept nor know is that the category of girls who outright reject the control. Our apparel and that which we’ve been commanded to wear would be apparent cut, said from the Qur’an and ahadith. It is fine that you conduct business, also good that you cater for Muslim girls since there’s a massive market, however I sense somewhere in all this industry and creating a title, the real essence and individuality of a Muslimah is becoming lost behind constitute, pouts and excessiveness.

There are so many difficulties with the Hijab Fashionista age that we live in. Listed below are three:

1. Our apparel is getting commercialised and we’re becoming ok with it.

Originally it was only within, today it’s also external. We don’t need Nike to market our hijab, we don’t need Debenhams to begin endorsing our garments. We don’t require approval or validation from some other mainstream businesses. They aren’t doing us a favor, they’re not “accepting us” they’re thinking with their small business hat on and the way to create a profit. So firstly, it’s important we don’t fall in that trap of believing finally the entire world is beginning to accept us.

2. Are catwalks actually Islamic?

When Muslim girls are walking up and down the runway, you will find male photographers current, male audience gift, guys seeing and reading about the style show from the information, does that defeat the purpose of hijab? Whilst we showcase that the “small clothing” in our own body, we’re being observed and ogled at. Beautified faces, beautified clothing, is this really small, if we consider modesty completely instead of only a piece of fabric? Can this idea process make me intense?

modanisa hijab fashion

3. Is it actually Hijab?

We’re seeing Muslim female bloggers that categorise themselves as Hijabis and whilst they might be trying hard to use the hijab in its proper form, revealing your neck and hair isn’t hijab and must not ever be marketed as hijab.

Honestly can it be a fantastic matter to observe sisters excelling and creating a name for themselves, but at the cost of a missing identity? Are Muslim women trying to identify themselves with something other than Islam? We should do something to make sure our youth don’t feel as though they want validation?

May Allah help us keep our Muslim identity which is the dearest treasure that we have!