How Your Routine Is Killing Your Productivity

How Your Routine Is Killing Your Productivity

Many people love stability in their work and the predictability that comes with it. Why not? When it helps them feel secured and organised. Many want to continue this way, as they are not certain how it may turn out if they abandon how they know to do.

The conformist, the inert and the everyday people all love “routine”.

While it has its benefits, it must not be shielded that routine could at times be a hindrance. Great productivity is often associated with dynamism and that is what routine is not.

Routine everyday slows you down and gradually replaces values with precepts. One begins to find himself doing things not because he wants to but because that is the way, it has always been done.

Where routine is marginal productivity. Drive is gradually replaced with boredom because of monotony and humans find themselves beginning to function like robots. Living like this does not encourage creativity, which is one of the factors to positive affirmations for money and wealth in life.

Man is a rational and creative being and this ought to be exercised from time to time. However, routine would never permit the expression of creativity. Routine leaves you little room for imagination and critical thinking.

The individual soon finds himself handicapped in cases of emergency that are bound to come. It lessens the apt to adapt even when it is glaringly clear that change is necessary and inevitable.

This post is not meant to cause you to overhaul all of your principles, patterns and processes. However, the sooner you begin to mix things up a bit, the farther you would find boredom drifting from your work.

Hence, to up your productivity and come away from the servility of routine, decide today to adopt a variation in repetition. Avoid entire monopoly. Do not allow the sequence of your processes be the same daily. Try new things and attempt to achieve those results with entirely new methods.

You may find your results becoming better. Do not always follow same routine regardless of your mood and motivation. Always adjust your activities to your moods and motivation. You could afford to do more when overly motivated and hence, increase your productivity.

There is actually so much to do and achieve out there rather than trying to do same things same way daily. Research a new idea you could build on, work on it and see how pleasing dynamism could get. It may not be comfortable at the outset but you may just find yourself achieving much more.