The French (Food) Revolution Is Coming!


The French revolution is coming into the UK! But it’s okay, before you rush out for your pike and helmet, it is merely a food revolution that’s breaking down our doors and demanding focus. To be honest, it’s probably about time French food online became something more people start looking into.You should check our French Food Online right now.

In the UK we have not just got a worldwide reputation for excellent food and fragile cuisine. Deep buddy Mars Bars, late night kebab and chips and perhaps a steak and kidney pie and legumes is around the limit of our expertise. It is not something to be entirely pleased with.

French Food Online
French Food Online

Then there is France – perhaps the one most powerful spot in the world for outstanding cuisine, revolutionary cooking and first class ingredients. If it comes to French food, UK consumers are split into two groups – people who like it, and those who have not ever tried it. There is in factn’t a third category of individuals who have attempted French food and not enjoyed it. Unless of course your expertise in French food begins and stops with snails (that are really delicious!)

Therefore, if you’re already searching for French food on the internet then the chances are you’re an active member of the French food revolution – among the rising proportion of individuals fed up with supermarkets farming poor quality, then uninspiring fare on to people, and that desire something more for the taste buds, along with your cash Choclate Slim.

Certainly when it comes to French food UK clients have a wealth of choice, and many of the popular French ingredients available can be incorporated into our present recipes to lift them into the next level. Purchasing French food online does not have to necessarily mean throwing away all your existing cookbooks and beginning to announce all of the meals to your family in French.

For many people though the problem is that when seeking to purchase French food online lots of the suppliers’ sites are in French – which is fine if you’re fluent enough to have the ability to spot the difference between escargots and fois gras! There’s also the issue of the cost of shipping, because sending French components in to the UK may be difficult if your order size is just comparatively small.

Luckily as part of the French food revolution there are online suppliers of French components in the UK, providing users the opportunity at last to purchase French components without needing to worry about understanding the titles, or paying for exorbitant shipping costs. If you look around you’ll also find UK based suppliers of French ingredients that supply handy tips, like how specific ingredients can be integrated into your current recipes and favourite dishes.

For instance, adding goose fat into your roast potatoes rather than your standard fat will create the tastiest, crispiest, fluffiest roast sandwiches you’ve ever had – a trick known and loved by French restaurants and resorts for several years.

From traditional French sea salt to goose fat, special pates, exquisite mushrooms, nuts, beans, herbs and confectionaries, purchasing French ingredients on the internet has never been easier – and it seems no one’s complaining about this revolution!

When it comes to thinking about purchasing French food, UK consumers might not even be fully aware that the facility is present to buy ingredients that can dramatically lift the flavours of present recipes, but it appears probable that this is slowly going to change, as more people discover the benefits of welcoming a bit of France to the dinner table.

Helping The Pinoy Music Industry In Your Own Little Ways


You can certainly do the perfect thing and take these actions to additional combat the Philippine music business.See our Pinoy TV Shows free of cost.

Go for the first. Piracy is a alarming illegal clinic in the Philippines. As customers, the very best thing that we can do would be to present our sincerest aid through purchasing first CDs and audio records of local artists. These days, the net has put more stress on the audio industry since individuals can easily access tunes by way of downloading and file sharing. Illicit practice of those activities threatens the flourishing music market. Regardless of the repetitive effort against piracy from the authorities, it might never be a resounding victory unless we will support it wholeheartedly. It is our decision to create a shift.

Pinoy TV Shows
Pinoy TV Shows

Practice music devotion. Concerts, mall displays, global tours, reveal guestings and some other kinds of public exposures are among the way of music artists to make a living. If that’s the instance, what we could do is to encourage these sustaining actions so as to maintain the business on fire. Musical applications and other entertainment displays ought to be given seeing significance. In-house radio channels that perform local songs more frequently than foreign ones are far commendable to obey.

Maximize your relationship. The boom of the web significantly contributes to abrupt downturn in the audio market. However, this electronic invention may have a reverse impact. How? Take advantage of the web as a powerful instrument to strengthen and promote the effort against rampant copyright infringement. You might even write some thing about our regional artists or their tunes through blogs and social networking websites. Produce posts or topics which could draw significant attention or promote user conversation streams. Whether they dislike or criticize, somehow you stand out to get something that you believe in. Connect and gain edge on the internet landscape!

Purchase licensed products. The joys of singing can be accomplished through different amusement tools like videoke and mobile karaoke devices. These singing equipments possess many built-in tunes, both local and foreign. Licensed products of the type actually show tremendous support for Pinoy music artists since they offer royalty charges for their job. Is not it more precious to buy a certified item? Not only can you’ve got an extreme singing rendezvous, but you are also helping the music business flourish also.

Really, we’re pretty much astonished and become enthusiastic fans of international singers. Actions, however little it is, could favorably go a ways.

Let’s move together to fortify the Philippine music business!

Lahore Board 9th Class Result 2017

Check BISE Lahore Board ninth Class Result 2017 has been revealed on August 07, 2017. All certain of ninth class can check their results on official site of Lahore board. It is definitely not hard to check ninth Class result on BISE Lahore site. Understudies were sitting tight for their results with disturbance for latest three months however now their hold up is tolerating to an end as BISE Lahore has detailed the result. Delayed consequence of ninth Class can moreover check by SMS organization of Lahore Board. Understudies can similarly check their results here on this page as we conveyed the result on this site for convenience of understudies. Check Lahore Board 9th Class Result 2017.

BISE Lahore ninth Class result can free downlaod by name or by move number from Every year outcome of each class of Lahore Board is extraordinary then BISE Multan, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Sargodha BISE Karachi et cetera. Understudies of ninth Class of Lahore Board can get their aggregate result online from this page. Understudies must remain related with get the latest updates which will be disseminated by BISE Lahore.

Driving assortment of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Lahore is the discretionary and widely appealing preparing administrative body in Lahore Division. BISE lahore is a notable Board of Pakistan. It is arranged at 86 Mozang Road, Lahore. BISE Lahore is known as no. 1 Board in Pakistan. It was set up in 1954. Generally understudies of Punjab have wish to appear in yearly examination under BISE Lahore Board. The Board ward has been restricted to the areas of Kasur, Lahore, Okara, Nankana Sahib & Sheikhupura. The Lahore Board is mindful as the best informational board in Pakistan. Reliably million of understudies appear in yearly examination under this Board. Around 2 million understudies are reviewed every year through this board in enlistment and widely appealing exams. The Board is the standard of direction all through the country.

How to Performance Test Antivirus Suite Software Before You Buy

The computer market is filled with anti virus software suites, saying that theirs would be the very best and promising you superb detection outcome and secure surfing online. The one issue with some of the info is the fact that it will be prejudice.You can get Antivirus Program Download from our website.

Either the testimonials are written by means of an affiliate that receives a commission for every sale or the anti virus firm itself provides its own promotional info to convince you to get.

AntiVirus Program Download
AntiVirus Program Download

This report will offer you the actions needed to functionality test any anti virus software suites that you might be considering buying to operate on your computer. The evaluation results will offer you real-time info regarding the way in which the antivirus packages operate on your computer, enabling you to make the correct buying decision first time around.


Before you take the plunge and begin analyzing your antivirus suites, then you need to give your PC a performance service using a few of the numerous free utilities available on the internet.

Advanced System Care is a excellent clean-up/tweak utility which can give your PC a deep clean with an easy interface that is straightforward. Before conducting any cleanup program, be certain that to get a present data backup. After you’ve used Advanced System Care, then you might make it installed if it doesn’t impact too much in your own PC’s tools or simply uninstall it.

If you’re unfamiliar with this procedure and are unsure about what to disable then simply use the Advanced System Care program.

Online Research

Even though you can collect some useful information in the reviewer or your seller’s site, it’s always sensible to look at the internet forums or browse independent reviews concerning the product which you are exploring, which don’t have a prejudice, before your purchase.

One advocated website that delivers an impartial review is av-comparatives. Org and supplies test results for all antivirus products.

Both evaluation results of interest will be the detection and elimination results, as you’ll do your own performance testing to learn how the antivirus suites influence your specific PC in its own hardware/software atmosphere.

Not Created Equal

The most important reason for performance testing anti virus products is that not all of anti virus packages are created equal when it comes to supplying PC and internet browsing security, memory utilization, background scanning rates, virus detection and elimination, etc..

Minimum Requirements

Antivirus suites must have at least the following modules:

* Antivirus

Create a Brief List

You’ll want to create a brief list of the anti virus packages available that match the aforementioned criteria for downloading, dependent on your online search.

Online Antivirus Scan

If you don’t have any antivirus software currently installed in your PC and you’ve been browsing the internet then I strongly recommend you scan your system with an internet antivirus scanner until you download and install any trial anti virus suites.

To do so, just enter the Google search box “free on line antivirus scanner” (minus the quotations) and picked a renowned scanner like Trend, AVG, Kaspersky, Comodo, McAfee or Eset then just follow the onscreen directions to install the required applications for the internet scanner to operate.

Installed Antivirus Software

If you presently have some antivirus software already installed in your system then this should first be uninstalled completely along with your system declared prior to installing any trial antivirus packages.

Recommended Uninstaller Program

A fantastic uninstaller application that’s free is Revo Uninstaller.

To find the uninstaller program only enter Google “complimentary Revo Uninstaller” (minus the quotations), then download and install it.

When you’ve installed and downloaded Revo Uninstaller, use it to reboot your existing antivirus program.

If for any reason, when you proceed to set up an anti virus trial and it won’t install because of some leftover files in the preceding antivirus program then download the preceding installed antivirus programs removal utility in the vendor’s web site and run it.

N.B. Restart your computer when you’ve flashed the antivirus program.

System Resource Usage

The first and most important consideration when analyzing any anti virus suites would be to notice the quantity of memory and computer tools it uses if running in the backdrop or doing a scheduled scan, since this is among the deciding factors on your order.

As a result, before installing any trial applications you’ll have to assess and note down how much memory and CPU resource is presently being used in your system, so that you may compare it into the memory and CPU use of your trial antivirus suites.

How to Assess System Resource Usage

This display shows memory and CPU utilization of your PC.

After you’ve noticed the memory and CPU use with no trial applications installed on your system now you can go on and set up the trial antivirus program.

The Dilemma of Hijab Fashion

I’d love to have a moment and talk about this widespread trend of ‘Hijab style’ and ‘Hijabi Fashionistas’. Before anybody becomes defensive and feels they are being assaulted, this isn’t about what people do in their private life, instead more about what they do in the “public” life and how that is impacting young Muslims.

Lately I have been seeing modest cat walks, where Muslim girls walking the aisle, as a way to highlighting “hijab fashion” and the idea behind which is to appeal the Muslim female demographic.

I totally understand Muslim girls fall into several many categories in regards to executing the Hijab in its entirety, and from that I don’t mean only the headscarf. I know all of the thought processes before ultimately making the decision to execute the hijab outwardly and inwardly. In addition, I can completely imagine their craving to look nice and respectful.

What I don’t accept nor know is that the category of girls who outright reject the control. Our apparel and that which we’ve been commanded to wear would be apparent cut, said from the Qur’an and ahadith. It is fine that you conduct business, also good that you cater for Muslim girls since there’s a massive market, however I sense somewhere in all this industry and creating a title, the real essence and individuality of a Muslimah is becoming lost behind constitute, pouts and excessiveness.

There are so many difficulties with the Hijab Fashionista age that we live in. Listed below are three:

1. Our apparel is getting commercialised and we’re becoming ok with it.

Originally it was only within, today it’s also external. We don’t need Nike to market our hijab, we don’t need Debenhams to begin endorsing our garments. We don’t require approval or validation from some other mainstream businesses. They aren’t doing us a favor, they’re not “accepting us” they’re thinking with their small business hat on and the way to create a profit. So firstly, it’s important we don’t fall in that trap of believing finally the entire world is beginning to accept us.

2. Are catwalks actually Islamic?

When Muslim girls are walking up and down the runway, you will find male photographers current, male audience gift, guys seeing and reading about the style show from the information, does that defeat the purpose of hijab? Whilst we showcase that the “small clothing” in our own body, we’re being observed and ogled at. Beautified faces, beautified clothing, is this really small, if we consider modesty completely instead of only a piece of fabric? Can this idea process make me intense?

modanisa hijab fashion

3. Is it actually Hijab?

We’re seeing Muslim female bloggers that categorise themselves as Hijabis and whilst they might be trying hard to use the hijab in its proper form, revealing your neck and hair isn’t hijab and must not ever be marketed as hijab.

Honestly can it be a fantastic matter to observe sisters excelling and creating a name for themselves, but at the cost of a missing identity? Are Muslim women trying to identify themselves with something other than Islam? We should do something to make sure our youth don’t feel as though they want validation?

May Allah help us keep our Muslim identity which is the dearest treasure that we have!

Ranking Onpage SEO Magic Tricks in Google

You can’t simply write an guide or blog post and only leave it. You’ve got to get it some attention. Prepare your content in a specific way, and you will get a better chance of standing on Google, and other search engines.For any type of seo work our site Small Seo Tools provides 100% free tools for any work related to SEO.

Google is hoping to provide value to their clients, and so should you. Google is looking for significance and power. You might think of the calculations as just a mathematical means to rank websites, but they also incorporate scientific measurements to identify what may be good content, who’s website may get an expert writer.

You may pay huge bucks for an expert to set up onpage SEO to optimize your sites and your posts, or you can do the following easy steps and get on page one yourself.

Small Seo Tools

Small Seo Tools
Small Seo Tools

Here are 7 pointers to help get you ranking on Google, or any other Search Engine.

Always have a picture – find something which is eye catching and different, yet relates to your post.

Keywords or key word phrase has to be in every name, or at a minimum one H1, 1 H2, and a H3 tag.

What the heck are ‘H’ tags? They are html code which help identify the size and features of the name and sub titles inside your article. For example in WordPress’s visual editor, you don’t need to input actual code. You will notice a drop down menu to select Heading 1 (H1 tag), Heading 2 (H2 tag), and Heading 3 (H3 tag). That is over simplified, but probably all you need to understand.

Key words must maintain the first and final sentence – Your very first sentence could be your H1 tag/title as I’ve done in this post – that is what Google sees original.

Keywords have to be in the alt tag of the picture. When you upload your photograph to WordPress, you will see an area to enter your key words or keyword phrases).

Keyword density in your entire post should be approximately 1% – for instance, at a 500 word blog post, you need your keyword phrase mentioned 5 times. You can include the times it’s mentioned in the titles- Warning – don’t ‘stuff’ your articles with keywords. It won’t read well, and will seem spammy. Google admits this strategy, and will not look at ranking that sort of post.

Connect to another page on your site or site – such as link to an older story with a similar topic. If you’re only beginning, build your blog with this in mind. You could always go back to a live post and add a sentence with a link to an a post or class on your site.
Don’t Skimp on Onpage SEO
These are the simple onpage search engine optimization tactics you need to do to get on page 1 of Google, plain and simple.

Do not take shortcuts
Put the work in that is required

This is the way you can work with Google to help them find you, and your articles, and give it a good ranking.

Bonnie Chomica is a career marketer and communicator that escaped corporate servitude to eventually become an Internet Entrepreneur. She took control of her earning potential, her career, and her life. Bonnie’s specialties include social networking, online advertising, and copywriting, and she has a specific enthusiasm for entrepreneurial mindset and direction. With her extensive knowledge, Bonnie now coaches and transforms ‘9-5 jobbers’ into successful online entrepreneurs.

You can test your reading speed

Do you need to now how speedy reader you’re? Common? Above common? Slow as a turtle? Better than the rest? What’s your studying speed?Do you need to now how speedy reader you’re? Common? Above common? Slow as a turtle? Better than the rest? What’s your studying speed?
If the solution is to the primary question is “yes” then you have to test your studying speed. It is no rocket-technological know-how; every body can carry out that type of check.You can check your internet speed with our speed test charter tool available online free of cost.

speed test charter

speed test charter
speed test charter

Studying speed is normally measured in words per minute (wpm). It suggests the range of words you can examine in one minute. 270 wpm indicates that you may examine 270 phrases per minute, that’s 4.5 words in keeping with 2nd.
You can perform a reading speed check at domestic. Discover a textual content and a stopwatch for doing it. Then proceed as follows.
1. Choose a text 2. Calculate the quantity of phrases in textual content 3. Examine the text and take time Four. Find out your studying pace
Select a text, which is 1-2 pages long. The textual content have to be non-fiction, so do now not take it from a unique. The difficult of the textual content will even affect the consequences. The greater hard textual content you pick, the slower you are your velocity might be. A piece of writing from newspaper is a good preference for performing the take a look at
Subsequent, calculate the quantity of words within the textual content. You do now not have to count number the words within the complete text. As opposed to it you may estimate it. For doing it: 1. Matter the quantity of lines inside the text 2. Select a line from the textual content and count the range of phrases in it. Three. Multiply these numbers and also you get the quantity of phrases inside the textual content
Now you are equipped for the check. Start the stopwatch and study. When you have finished the text, stop the stopwatch and check the time.
For estimating you analyzing pace you have to divide the variety of words within the textual content via your studying time. As an example, if you whole a 600 phrase text in 3 minutes then your velocity could be two hundred wpm. You need to deal with mins as decimals in that calculation. It way that if your time is 2 minutes and 45 seconds then it is 2.Seventy five minutes.
The average analyzing pace stages from 180 to 250 words in keeping with minute. Faster than 350 phrases in keeping with minute is fantastic. If you may do 500 wpm or more then you are a pace reader. Only a few human beings can examine that fast with out learning pace reading strategies.
But there is always room for increasing your studying pace. Even though you can examine at 1300 wpm then you could improve to 1400 wpm. In case you are a mean character then getting to know velocity reading strategies will allow you to double your studying rate

Ocean Of Games more than gambling games

The Google cardboard headset is sort of a do it your self kit that has been introduced within the 12 months 2014 by means of Google. The package has been sold by using Google these days via its play shop. it is to be had for $15 and is easy to get assembled to resemble a headset of virtual truth. it is a simple viewer technically, especially as it is straightforward to use and is a standalone tool. It calls for iOS or an android cellphone to gather its show and processing electricity. it is also easy to be used, as soon as the cardboard kit is being introduced, users might have to truely fold it, slot it within the telephone with a purpose to discover an expansion of cardboard ocean of games. This digital truth or a VR box is available both at Apple’s App store and Google play keep and it’s miles now viable to strive the fundamental VR demos unfastened thru the Google cardboard app for both iOS and Android. The setting of the card is to be controlled through the cardboard app.

VR container review: The VR container is a strong plastic version of the Google cardboard headset featured with completely adjustable eye lenses.

Lenses: the lenses appearance just as kid’s binoculars and it’s miles possible to regulate their role within the dimensions, intensity and width depending on the video or the software. each utility on the Google cardboard features a exclusive area of view and users would possibly must regulate the headset for unique applications.

comfort: these headsets are to get rammed against one’s face hard and as a result are required to be at ease. The VR container feels so at ease in comparison to the original cardboard headset and if wanted additional padding could be used within the surrounding location for those with a ridge nose.

phone holder: The smartphone holder has padding on each its sides in which the smartphone receives held in location. The holder has holes on both its aspects to permit the user to add charger and headphones, so that once the tool is in use, there might no longer be many disturbances to with strength and consumer could get immersed within the VR field tons longer. The slider fixes into the headset with a click on and it does not slide out on its very own. The VR holder has a line marker to assist customers center the phone and for that reason gives a high first-rate to the set with nil clumsiness.

more than gambling games, the headset works wonders in looking movies. users have observed it lovely to look at 3D movies with the set, which is much, an awful lot better than the cardboard set. the pinnacle strap is honestly at ease and the padding across the eyes helps to apply the set for long hours in looking films.

Citation Styles Utilization and The Use of a Plagiarism Checker

Citation Styles Utilization and The Use of a Plagiarism Checker

Always give credits to the authors of papers that you use to create your paper. Borrowing ideas of course is always accompanied by acknowledgment. You cannot get credit for something you are not originally entitles to. When it comes to writing, one way to give credits to the sources of information you have borrowed is through citation styles. This article will teach you all the things that you need to know about that. In addition, this article will also teach you to use a plagiarism checker to do an online plagiarism check.Citation Styles Utilization and The Use of a Plagiarism Checker

APA Citation

One of the most widely used citation styles is the APA citation or the American Psychological Association style. This citation style gives emphasis to the author of a book as well as the date, in years, when the book or any written work was published. The APA style is done through both in text citations and a referencing style.

MLA Citation

Also one of the most widely used citation styles in the world is the MLA citation or the Modern Language Association citation. This citation style also gives emphasis to the author of the book as well as the year when it was published. The common users of the MLA style are students, professors, and researchers from the fields of arts and humanities. People from the scientific academic field also use the MLA style.

Harvard Citation

One of the most widely used citation styles in the field of humanities is the Harvard style. Also, most people from America use this type of citation style. Apart from them, people from the United Kingdom and Australia also make use of this style.

Chicago Citation

Also a popular citation style is the Chicago citation style. This style of citation is very popular in the academe, specifically in the fields of history and economics. Those people under macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, game theory, development economics, and health economics use this kind of citation style.

Vancouver Citation

In the field of medicine, the most popular citation style is the Vancouver style. Medical technologists, nurses, and budding doctors use this kind of citation styles in their research papers, investigatory projects, and theses.

An Online Plagiarism Check Using a Plagiarism Checker

Apart from citation styles, another very effective way to combat plagiarism is by doing an online plagiarism check. That can be done using an online plagiarism checker tool. This tool can scan millions of webpages on the internet to look for contents similar to yours. It will then indicate the percent originality of your paper as well as the parts that have exactly similar ones on the internet. You only need to copy and then paste the content that you want to check in the field allotted by the tool.


More than meets the eye of a residential locksmith in Pearland.

Amоng thе mаnу locksmith services рrоvіdеd bу residential locksmiths in Pearland include burglary repairs, automobile reentry, 24 hour emergency lockout resolution, thе repair and/or installation оf digital locks, door installation, padlock, safe оr file cabinet lock work аnd security consulting.

Mobile key cutting іѕ аnоthеr common residential locksmith service in Pearland offered bу skilled technicians. It іѕ inconvenient еnоugh whеn уоu gеt locked оut оf уоur car, home оr business fоr уоu tо hаvе tо worry аbоut thе reliability оf а residential locksmith. Bесаuѕе thеу knоw уоu аrе trusting thеm tо deliver. Feel reassured because most residential locksmiths in Pearland tаkе pride іn thе satisfaction thеу give customers.

24 hours а day, residential locksmiths in Pearland аrе аvаіlаblе tо соmе tо уоu аnd hеlр tо solve уоur problem. Whеthеr уоu hаvе bееn locked оut оf уоur car іn а parking lot оr hаvе hаd уоur home burgled іn thе middle оf thе night, Pearland residential locksmiths аrе ready tо provide whаtеvеr service уоu need. Aftеr а burglary, locks nееd tо bе replaced, keys cut and, іn ѕоmе cases, doors nееd replacing. Locksmiths in Pearland аrе trained tо provide аll оf thеѕе services аt а vеrу good rate.

Digital locks, too, present nо difficulty fоr а Pearland residential locksmith. Numerous types оf locks аrе аvаіlаblе fоr аll manner оf doors, safes, file cabinets, windows аnd оthеr entry points. Fоr thіѕ reason, locksmiths in Pearland hаvе tо bе wеll versed іn thе repair, replacement аnd installation оf them. Yоu саnnot count оn thе expertise оf just any other locksmith fоr аll оf уоur digital lock problems.

If уоu kеер sensitive оr valuable materials іn уоur home оr office, a Pearland residential locksmith is аblе tо соmе tо уоu аnd provide locks fоr file cabinets оr safes. Don’t compromise thе security оf уоur assets уоu kеер оn site. Juѕt аѕ а residential locksmith in Pearland іѕ trained tо repair аnd replace а door lock, оthеr types оf locks fall wіthіn thеіr purview аѕ well.

Anоthеr service offered bу Pearland residential locksmiths іѕ security consulting. Home аnd business alarms аѕ wеll аѕ CCTV systems аrе bесоmіng mоrе аnd mоrе common. A trained аnd accredited locksmith саn evaluate уоur property аnd mаkе thе nесеѕѕаrу recommendations rеgаrdіng internal security. Thеу mау suggest а lock upgrade оn windows аnd doors, thе installation оf аn alarm system оr video security system. Yоur insurance company mау require this, оr іt mау bе ѕоmеthіng уоu decide оn уоur own. Whаtеvеr thе case, hiring а Pearland residential locksmith іѕ thе fіrѕt step іn gеttіng іt tаkеn care of.

Residential locksmiths in Pearland provide а wide range оf services, frоm 24 hour emergency lockout assistance tо burglary repairs tо security consulting. Call аnу time оf day оr night аnd uѕuаllу wіthіn thе hour ѕоmеоnе wіll bе hеrе tо attend tо you.