How Good Friday Is Good For Us

That’s the question most people likely ask when Good Friday comes around every year. After all, what is good about a day that commemorates Jesus’ dreadful torture and execution on a Roman cross?

Good Friday is a dark day in certain respects since it commemorates the day that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, however, it is also a bright day at other ways as Jesus’ death and resurrection on Easter Sunday paved the way to our connection with God to be revived. This is the good news which Jesus has asked us to spread, but in order to comprehend the good news, we have to understand the awful news that is known as our sinful, human character. Once we see that we’re slaves to sin, the good news of deliverance makes sense.You can send wishes to your lovers on Good friday 2018 from our website.

The book of Hebrews tells us to live by faith in God alone. The father of the religion is Abraham. His faith in God made him “right” before God. As a consequence of this righteousness, God protected his family as they grew into a country, the Israelites. Moses was their first official leader to establish their worship, culture and laws. God talked to Moses as he wrote down God’s ways for the people, such as the Ten Commandments.

good friday 2018
good friday 2018

These principles were given to teach the Israelites how to live. They have been also enforced to protect the Israelites from walking away from God and also to protect them from destroying themselves and each other. These rules weren’t designed to substitute religion, but by the time Jesus came these rules were more important than religion, mercy and kindness. The principles were more important than the people. Jesus didn’t come to abolish the Law. He came to fulfill it so that we, like Abraham, could be righteous by faith in God.

The fantastic news of salvation is that the cornerstone of the joy of Easter. To be able to appreciate the joy of Easter, we have to appreciate what Jesus suffered on Good Friday. Sin had to be punished because God is a just god who needs justice and hates sin. Because he hates sin, and because he wishes to restore a loving relationship with us, someone needed to pay the price for our sins.

In Old Testament times, sins were paid for by sacrificing animals. These animals had to be prefect in the eyes of the priests, that caused the marketplace at the temple where creatures who were deemed to be perfect for sacrifices were readily available for sale. This was the exact same market where Jesus upset the tables and drove out the moneychangers. When he put his hands on the creature, the priest symbolically moved sins to the creature, and the animal’s death symbolically cleansed the people in their sins.

Unfortunately, there was a difficulty. These sacrifices needed to be repeated every time somebody sinned, and since the priests were individual, they also had a sinful nature. God desired one ultimate sacrifice to be able to finish his strategy for our recovery to him. The only perfect sacrifice which will meet his strategy was Jesus Christ, who was the perfect sacrifice due to his sinless nature.