Pre Litigation Collections from Alexander, Miller & Associates

The services of Alexander, Miller & Associates for the creditor community is an asset for safe and guaranteed collection of their bad debts. Many of the debt cases pending for decades have been solved successfully due to the timely involvement of the agency. As you can read in the social networking sites today, majority of the creditors from the logistics, seafood, restaurant, wholesalers, material suppliers and others prefer to have the services of Alexander, Miller & Associates. With experience they have realized the futility of going through the court of law for the case settlements. Their hesitation to do so could be mainly due to the debtor oriented clauses in the FDCPA, IVA and other legal channels.

Alexander, Miller & AssociatesAlexander, Miller & Associates – Pre Litigation Steps

  • Debt Reminders: – Many of the creditors believe in sending demand letters to the debtors as the first step in the pre litigation collection procedures. But practically speaking they could have negative effects. In some instances the debtors may refuse the pay or get back with legal actions in retaliations. Hence the experts start with friendly reminders about the debts. They also request for a prescheduled meeting with the debtors for discussing about the debts. In some instances they might include the creditors in the first meeting. Or they may choose to invite them at the second or third meeting, depending on the course of negotiations.
  • Debtor Psychology: – Deep inside their mind every debtor has the intention of repaying the outstanding balances amicably. However the present situation or condition might force them to back away from making the repayment on time. The experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates take all the proactive measures like consultations to understand their present condition. Through their friendly approach they will know the realistic intention of the debtors about repaying the debts to their client. If they are willing to do so, the experts can suggest multiple options through which it is possible.
  • Debtor Acceptance: – Once the debtors accept the debt and agree to repay, the experts at Alexander, Miller & Associates prepare a legally binding agreement on which both the parties agree and sign. They will not be able to take any negative stance away from what they have agreed in this document. This approach by Alexander, Miller & Associates is beneficial for both the parties. The dispute gets settled in an amicable manner.

    Alexander, Miller & Associates

  • Repayment Schedule: – Deciding and documenting the repayment schedule depend on the outcome of negotiations with the debtor and the creditor. Alexander, Miller & Associates take care to protect the interests of their client in all possible circumstances. At the same time they also consider the practical problems faced by the debtor during repayment. Hence they might convince the client to show maximum possible lenience while collecting the outstanding balances. When both the parties agree on a specific schedule, it gets fixed as the final. The experts from Alexander, Miller & Associates can also take up the task of monitoring the repayment depending on the agreement with their clients.