10 healthy practices to leverage on for safety

Our safety at home and at work is unquestionable to us as humans because, at every point in time, we aim towards ensuring that we are safe. In fact, we scold our children at times when they misbehave or enlighten them on the use of some electronic gadgets just to avoid unforeseen dangers. Safety is also usually ensured by organizations like banks, commercial parks, and event centers to mention a few. Aside these, the spread of diseases need to be considered as well because merely examining disease is a departure from the normal state of health. Then, there are several tips or things we must pay close attention to in order to ensure that we are safe at home, at work, on walk ways, etc. and to also ensure that the spread of diseases is cordially and consciously curbed. These tips majorly include but are not limited to the following:

  • Caring for facilities and equipment after use.

The ability to clean or wash facilities after use will reduce the spread of diseases like diarrhea, respiratory disease, otherwise known as catarrh, hepatitis and some other infections. The rates at which some of these diseases spread in some communities are very high that almost everyone in the vicinity has a potential of contacting at least one of them. Diarrhea and respiratory diseases, in particular, are major disease one can easily contact for all use or misuse of these facilities.

  • Regular washing of clothes and beddings

Washing clothes and some other beddings materials as at when due can help to minimise the spread of infectious diseases like respiratory infections, scabies, and several other skin infections.

  • Disposing of waste water

Waste water from the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, etc., sometimes, leaks and flows around our assumed healthy environment. This can make people fall sick. This is due to the number of germs and insects that such waste water would breed. Bacteria that carry diseases can transmit diseases if people or animals come into close contact with contaminated water for drinking or cooking.  So it is better advised that waste water should be properly disposed of. This is basically to ensure the safety of road users and people living within the community.

  • Improving nutrition and food preservation method

Poor nutrition is another factor that contributes to people’s unhealthy living and this ignites the fact that people may have a high risk of getting obsessed, contracting diabetes and having renal disease. A healthy diet is usually dependent on the type of preservative used for preserving the meal before consumption. If the food is not properly preserved or it is mistakenly exposed to germs and bacteria, such food becomes unsafe for consumption.

  • Reducing the effect of animals and insects infections and damages

Most people’s health is constantly affected through direct contact with animals, bacteria, and insects in the immediate environment.

Examples of these diseases are:

  • Mosquito borne illnesses,
  • Flies carrying trachoma bacteria that impact on eye health,
  • Mice and rats attacking electrical cables and Lassa fever.


  • Use of authentic safety gates

In our community today, people usually prefer cheap goods too costly ones forgetting the fact that the cheaper ones may not be authentic and safe. We must encourage the use of approved and authentic safety gates at the top and bottom of our stairs, and attach them to the wall if possible in order to ensure guaranteed safety.

  • Paying close and absolute attention to children

So many parents are just careless of where their kids go to or where they play around even when they are within their reach let alone when they are far from them. As parents or guardian, we must give young children our total and undivided attention when they are around us or away from us, especially around water.

  • Keeping the house free from sharp objects

Parents should ensure that sharp objects like knife, broken bottle, razor, writing objects, etc. Adults must keep their cubicle free from sharp objects, and make sure that babies do not use gadgets except they are being guided.

  • Keeping the household at alert of dangers.

Parents need to develop and try to practice a fire escape plan in their various homes. This could be through ensuring that there is a smoke alarm on every region of the home. Carbon monoxide alarm may be installed in the home as well.

  • Keep drugs away from the reach of children

Medicines should be stored in places that are not reachable for children within the home. Drugs should also be away from the sight of young children, even medicines that they take daily.


13 Ways That Can Help Lose Some Weight – #6 Will Shock You

The issue with weight gain is a threat to many today. This and more reason has made weight loss experts come together coming up with numerous ways to tackle the sustainability of weight gain and its health risks. I found series of weight loss program both clinical and natural just like we have in the old school body hacks System. The result from any of these weight loss methods is a function of your attitude to methods given. However, I have decided to show you some 13 natural measures to be taken in order to help fast track your weight loss process without side effects; See them

Consumption of Refined Crabs should be limited –old school body hacks System

Carbs referred to as refined are those having most of it nutrients and fiber taken off. The process of refining crabs leaves nothing but allows the digestion of carbs, thus, increasing the risk of diseases and overeating. Refined carbs are usually found within white bread, white flour, sodas, white rice, pastries, pasta, sweets, snacks, cereals and added sugar.

Fasting intermittently –

This is a system that requires the cycling of your eating pattern such that old school body hacks Systemintervals between your fasting and eating. There are ways to go about your intermittent fasting, this includes, the eat stop eat, 5: 2 dieting and 16: 8 approach. This method allows for you to consume fewer calories. You do not need to restrict your calorie intake consciously using these methods. Adopting these methods makes you lose weight as well as provide you with other health benefits.

Drinking Green Tea (Unsweetened) –

Green tea we know to be a natural beverage with lots of antioxidants. Drinking old school body hacks Systemof green tea has lots of advantages it does to the body. it helps your fat burning process and also helps in losing weight. This is a natural tea increasing energy expenditure by 4% and fat burning selectively by 17%, most especially those harmful to the belly. Match green tea is even more beneficial compared to the normal green tea.

Consume more of vegetables and fruits –

Veggies and fruits are very much weight loss friendly and also has other old school body hacks Systemadvantages it does to the health. Both usually have low energy density apart from being rich in water, fiber, and nutrients. This is why they can be consumed without fear of consuming too many calories. Series of studies have shown that people who eat more of vegetables and fruits actually weighs less.

Calorie counting should be done once in a while –

Awareness about things you eat is very necessary when trying to burn off old school body hacks Systemsome fats. However, this can be done using series of methods, you could either count your calories, take pictures of food eaten and keep you’re a food diary. Technology has even made the task easier with the production of applications that can help with the monitoring.

Adopt the use of small plates –

Some studies have it that using small plates for you meal helps you eat less, old school body hacks Systemthis is because of your portion size orientation changes. Some people are eager eaters normally and need to cut food amount down therefore using smaller plates could help in this case. This invariably meals your calorie intake would be reduced.

Option of low carb diets –

Low carb diet is a generally accepted weight loss aid. Reduction in your crab consumption and taking more of protein causes a reduction in your appetite and this helps you with eating fewer calories. This method can also avoid many other health risks.

Slow eating –

There is a general believe that eating fast may make you eat more calories old school body hacks Systembefore your body even notices fullness. Therefore, fast consumers are prone to get obese compared to slow food consumers. Also eating slowly assists you with eating fewer calories and causes the increase in some hormones needed for weight loss.

Coconut oil instead of some other fat –

Coconut oil, as revealed in the coconut oil secret eBook, is very much different from other types of fat.  This is because they are high in medium chain old school body hacks Systemtriglyceride which ends up metabolizing. Result results show that coconut oil can slightly boost your metabolism even as it helps you consume less of calories. Belly fats which are harmful can also be reduced with the aid of coconut oil. This is not to say you should begin consuming coconut oil heavily rather it should be used to replace certain fats in your diets.

Diet Spice up –

Chili and jalapenos have in it a compound known as Capsaicin, this is a compound tested and trusted with the boosting of metabolism and also immense the burning of fats. Appetite and calorie intake can also be reduced with the help of capsaicin.

Consume more of fiber –

Foods rich in fiber help in weight loss goal, especially those with water solubleold school body hacks System fiber. They are types that help increase the feeling of being filled. Fiber causes a delay in stomach emptiness, this causes stomach expansion and supports the release of satiety hormones – this makes you eat even less. Most fiber is good for feeding some gut bacteria which are those that helps reduce the risk of obesity. The fiber in foods should be gradual to avoid stomach discomfort.

Fight against any unlawful food addiction –

This involves fighting against those foods you crave for such that you change old school body hacks Systemyour tilt your brain off them. Junks and processed foods are usually those people get to crave for and this is the foods promoting weight gain all over the body. The best way to tackle this might be seeking help from health professionals.

Getting doing some cardio and resistance workout –

Running, cycling, jogging, hiking, skating, power walking are great ways to burn off calories thereby causing an improved physical and mental health. Doing exercises helps protect the body from risk causing sickness and other health complications.old school body hacks System

Above all, you type of lifestyle has a lot to do with your weight gain and is also a great determinant of how fast you could lose weight. To help in this process is the reason behind the creation of the Old School Body Hacks System. Try it now!



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